Join Our Working Group

Devographics surveys are the result of a collaborative process involving a diverse set of people, skills, and points of view at every level. And we need all the help we can get!

We are looking for a wide array of contributors, including:

  • Technical reviewers.
  • BIPOC/LGBTQ/women/trans/non-binary individuals or any other members of minoritized population segments.
  • Disabled individuals or anybody experiencing accessibility issues.
  • People who speak languages other than English.
  • People in non-Western and under-represented countries.
  • People or organizations able to fund or sponsor the surveys.

By joining our working group mailing list, you will be notified (at most once a month) at various key points throughout a survey’s lifecycle:

1. Survey Design

  • Apply (or suggest others) to become survey design lead
  • Suggest questions to add or remove
  • Help select items for inclusion in surveys
  • Review final survey outline for accuracy and inclusivity

2. Survey Launch

  • Broadcast the survey to a diverse audience to ensure maximum diversity and inclusivity.

3. Results Pre-release

Get early access to survey results to:

  • Give feedback
  • Submit “picks of the year”
  • Create content (podcasts, articles, videos, etc.) around the results.

4. Results Release

  • Help publicize the survey results.
  • Gather and analyze feedback in anticipation of the next round of surveys.